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Exclusive Upcoming Research – The Talent Climate

It has been a remarkable few years for those of us working in Talent Acquisition (TA), without doubt the most remarkable of my 25 year career.  We have navigated the Covid epidemic, the dramatic reductions in hiring that understandably took place and the corresponding furloughs and layoffs.  We then navigated the rebound and the subsequent ‘great-resignation’ which led to unprecedented hiring volumes across most sectors and geographies, a period in which Talent Acquisition professionals were more in demand than software engineers.  We are now navigating a period which feels somewhat uncertain; we’re seeing hiring reductions in some sectors, stability in others and employers that are struggling to forecast their likely hiring demand for the year ahead.

AMS are calling these changes the Talent Climate and we’re delighted to be working with the Josh Bersin Company on an exclusive series of data-driven reports that will explore the continuing changes in the Talent Climate and the impact of those changes on companies and talent leaders.  The first of those reports will be published next month and will include comprehensive benchmarking data and trends related to time to hire, a must-read for any leaders looking to make sense of their own TA performance metrics. 

On Thursday 20th April, in advance of the first Talent Climate report, I will be hosting a webinar together with Janet Mertens at the Josh Bersin Company to explore some of the trends that we’re experiencing.  We have a bumpy economy with very high levels of inflation and a corresponding rise in the cost of living.  Companies are more circumspect about investing for growth yet business transformation continues at pace.  We have layoffs in the tech sector and material hiring reductions in sectors such as financial services and investment banking.  Yet unemployment in many countries is at a record low, skills shortages continue to intensify in areas such as tech and digital and talent demand overall continues to outstrip supply. 

To help us gain perspective on all of these trends we are delighted to have three distinguished talent leaders join us for the webinar; Shilpa Shah from Standard Chartered Bank, Beatriz Rodriguez from Bayer and Martin Vergara from Morgan Stanley. 

To join us for the webinar please register here.  And do look out for our first Talent Climate report next month.

The Talent Climate is heating up – hiring volumes continue to rise and time to hire is at an all-time high. With research showing that only 25% of organizations have a systemic, integrated approach to Talent Acquisition, what can HR practitioners and business leaders do so they don't get left out in the cold?


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