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Navigating the HR Technology market and latest trends @ RL100 Summit

AMS will be a speaking partner at the Resourcing Leaders (RL100) Summit on Friday 24 February. Pag Miles, Global Head of Alliances is facilitating a roundtable discussion to Heads of Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Directors on where the HR Technology market is today, where it's headed and how to navigate it.

HR processes that were once time-consuming and labor-intensive are now easier than ever, thanks to technological automation. However, with every new technology comes its own set of challenges. Having seen more than 1,000 HR Technology demos over his career, Pag's session will take a deep dive into how HR Tech is evolving and some of the latest HR Tech trends - tech stack consolidation, the skills race, ChatGPT and AI Compliance.  

My colleagues, Roxana Siebert, Robert Matthew and I will also be attending the summit. We're looking forward to meeting RL100 members, and discussing our solutions to the most pressing TA issues faced in the industry today, from hiring technical talent, to evolving candidate engagement, managing internal mobility and uncertainty in workforce planning. 

An exciting and insightful day and a half ahead!

AMS is sponsoring the next RL100 Summit. With a myriad of HR Technology available, Pag Miles, who leads AMS' Technology Alliances, will discuss the key trends and challenges across HR technology.


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