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| 1 minute read

My 5 Predictions for HR Tech in 2023

As we start 2023, here are my five predictions for HR tech this year:

  1. Increased Automation: Organizations seeking to do more with fewer resources will seek out opportunities to reduce swivel chair activities by introducing technology to help automate processes.

  2. Artificial intelligence: This topic has been a mainstay over the past few years. In 2023, I see further saturation of companies using AI to drive efficiency in the front-end assessment of candidate skill fit against job requirements.

  3. Reporting and Analytics: Companies have invested heavily in HR tech. These technologies have increased the data available to organizations. Organizations will look to drive additional value by harmonizing data across these systems to generate actionable insights.

  4. Tech Stack Optimization: The pace and competition of the talent marketplace in the past years has been extremely fast. Talent acquisition teams have had to focus on identifying and filling an influx of needs. As this demand plateaus organizations will use this time to look internally to improve and optimize their tech stack setup and underpinning processes.

  5. Talent Management: Given economic uncertainty companies will continue to look at ways to reduce costs and one way they will do this is by focusing internally on leveraging their current workforce. Companies will leverage technologies to help identify career pathways to provide clarity and enable upskilling of their internal workforce as an effort to fill internally and improve retention.


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