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This is TA not TikTok. Or, is it?

Talent community engagement and the use of CRM technology within talent acquisition is nothing new, but it is something that many organisations struggle to do well. Why? 

All too often the business case for the CRM tech is approved and a shiny new tool is purchased, but what it takes to establish, engage and nurture talent communities is not fully considered. The result? The tool becomes a holding pen for candidates and a tumbleweed of generic newsletters follows, potentially leaving that talent with a tainted perception of the company's employer brand. 

Something needs to changeā€¦ enter the Content Strategist and the Content Creators. Wait, what? This is TA not TikTok. No this, in fact, is Talent Marketing. 

To drive the potentially unrealised value in CRM, employers must not only invest in the right tech solution but also the right creative skillsets to bring their employer brand to life in a way that is meaningful and personalised to each talent community. 

But let's start at the beginningā€¦

What is a CRM?

CRM systems serve as a vital tool for automating engagement workflows, effectively segmenting candidates, and tracking candidate interactions. This leads to increased efficiency in the recruitment process; saving time and resources. It's a win-win!

In parallel, the creation of a vibrant talent community can provide a readily available pool of interested candidates - expediting the hiring process and contributing to more efficient recruitment. 

Sounds good, but where does content come in?

Beyond the technical aspects, developing a compelling content strategy is critical for engaging these talent communities. Content that resonates with potential employees can instill a sense of community and connection.

A robust content strategy can also enhance the company's employer brand and reputation. Sharing insightful content that showcases the company culture, values, and opportunities can attract a diversified talent pool. This leads to an improved candidate experience, as potential employees can gain a deeper understanding of the company before applying. Furthermore, engaging content increases candidate engagement levels, making them more likely to apply and stay connected with the company.

Not only that, a well considered and well executed content strategy can help when engaging critical skills talent or under-represented groups. 

How is it achieved? 

Essentially, any effective CRM implementation needs to make provision for content strategy and content creation. Those skillsets can sit in-house or can be outsourced, but will require a strong partnership between TA, Employer Branding, HR, Marketing and Comms. From defining the strategy, identifying the stories, creating the content, managing the campaigns, analysing the effectiveness and refining the strategy over time. 

How will we know it's working? 

Done well, your investment talent pool engagement will significantly improve hiring outcomes and foster long-term loyalty towards an employer brand.

Don't believe us? 

Ask our Financial Services client who've been able to reduce their external media spend by 90% by investing in talent community engagement over several years. In 2023, one blog article featured in a newsletter achieved more apply clicks than any other external piece of paid or social media. 

When it comes to investing in CRM, think tech and content as two sides of the same coin. Only then will you realise the benefits. 


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