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Making tech companies the place to be again

Technology companies are at a pivotal point of evaluating talent attraction and retention strategies.  Historically, tech companies have been quite lucrative for potential talent, having a level of swagger and benefits that were perceived by candidates to be above other industries.

With the sector being faced with some unsettlement and apprehension over the past 12 months, this is the perfect time for technology companies to re-evaluate their talent attraction and retention strategies to make them the destination of choice. This can begin by looking at the Employee Value Proposition, but it goes beyond reconsidering the EVP and creating or refreshing Talent Value Propositions to care for the various worker types at tech companies versus taking a broad brush. 

Through scrutinizing the approach at a talent segment level, developing a tailored approach, and being transparent about the market dynamics, tech companies can be the place to be again.

Before layoffs, tech companies were more renowned for workplace cultures that serviced employees with free benefits and premium amenities in state-of-the art offices. But gourmet chefs and meditation rooms weren't introduced just to keep workers on site for as long as possible – they were a means of attracting talent.


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