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Prompt engineering our team conversations

As many organizations think about how they are going to evolve the skill of prompt engineering in order to maximize the potential of generative AI, it may start with something as simple as identifying who in the organization has a strong skill of facilitation, active listening, and probing skills.  

Working in the consulting space, a difference between a star consultant and an average consultant may not always be differences in deep subject matter expertise, but rather the ability to obtain and convey the right information at the right time to the right people. If we were as thoughtful and structured in how we communicate when interacting with one another as we are when structuring an AI conversation, we might just reach our end goals and outcomes more efficiently and effectively. 

I'm not suggesting we become robotic, after all, I think we all enjoy a little humor and play whether we're interacting with AI or humans!

None of the above will come to fruition if you fail to be a good, active listener. This is crucial. By demonstrating genuine interest and engagement in what stakeholders are saying you can put stakeholders at ease and encourage them to share information and insights.


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