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Amplifying High-Volume Hiring: Unleash the Power of Technology, People & Process

Amplifying High-Volume Hiring: Unleash the Power of Technology, People & Process

The pressure of high-volume hiring is real. And while it’s no David Bowie song, the impact of hiring hundreds – even thousands – of employees each month without a cohesive process will definitely be just as memorable, albeit much less enjoyable.

Unfortunately for many TA teams, the only systems in place are adopted from professional recruitment practices. But high-volume hiring comes with a unique set of challenges that requires a specialized approach.

In this week’s Recruiting Daily webinar, William Tincup and I will share strategies, practices, and insights to help you Amplify your High-Volume Hiring using the Power of Technology, People, and Process.

April 13, 2023 
2:00 pm ET

Let's take a sneak peek at what you can expect to learn during the event.

First and foremost, we'll discuss how to streamline and accelerate your high-volume hiring processes while still providing a personalized candidate experience. One-size-fits-all recruitment practices don't work in high-volume hiring, and we'll show you how to scale and personalize your recruitment process. You'll learn about the different solutions available and how to implement them seamlessly into your workflow.

Leveraging technology is essential to manage high-volume recruitment effectively. Our webinar will highlight the best practices for technology implementation, from automating processes to screening resumes. The right technology stack can help you reduce costs, improve hiring efficiency, and enhance your candidate experience.

An essential part of high-volume hiring is showcasing your employer brand to potential candidates. It can be tough to differentiate yourself in a sea of job postings, but with the right messaging, visuals, and outreach, potential candidates can learn about your unique culture and benefits. We'll give you insights into conveying a compelling, authentic employer brand that resonates with potential candidates and expedites the hiring process.

Our goal with this webinar is to help TA and HR professionals streamline and amplify their high-volume hiring to its fullest potential using the power of technology, people, and process. We'll provide practical, actionable advice and insights to help your talent acquisition function become more effective and efficient in the competitive world of high-volume hiring.

Join us to learn how to transform your high-volume hiring, attract and retain quality talent, and give your recruitment process a significant boost.

Register for our webinar now, and let's power up together!

Technology has transformed the talent industry at all levels, from mobile recruitment tools to AI in sourcing, interview, and assessment processes. But to increase speed-of-hire and reduce costs, high-volume recruitment needs the right tech, a people-first approach, and effective processes.


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