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My nine year work anniversary with AMS - what's changed in that time?

Last week I celebrated my 9 year work anniversary with AMS and having recently read this Gartner article it made me think how much has changed across TA and DEI in that time.  So, the following are my 9 observations of the key changes in Hiring and DEI in that time. 

  1. There is much less focus on the business case for DEI and it is now seen as key lever in an organisation's core business strategy
  2. Technology has fundamentally changed the way that organisations are hiring - the TA technology eco-system is vast and continually changing!
  3. The world of work has changed and we are all still grasping what this means (post COVID) in relation to flexibility and hybrid working - organisations need to get this right to continue to attract under-represented talent
  4. As a working class man from Wales, the emergence of social mobility has been a welcome and much needed change
  5. Hiring of skilled talent continues to be challenging, organisations who do this well are  implementing multi pronged hiring and re-skilling programmes to meet their business demands
  6. The current mix of multi-generational workers is fascinating and employer brands need to flex to appeal to the needs of the different generations
  7. Internal mobility has become a key enabler to retain talent - from a personal perspective, I have had seven different jobs in my time with AMS and this is a key reason for the longevity of tenure with AMS
  8. I've loved the emergence of Belonging as a way of companies attracting diverse talent and ensuring that their inclusive cultures ensure they retain that talent
  9. AI - I've already referenced technology, but AI is a different level and with the recent emergence of ChatGPT, who knows what the future holds for how this will change hiring functions!

This is an exciting time to be in the TA industry - who knows what changes and developments will emerge in the next 9 years.  As ever, I would love to hear your thoughts on what changes you have observed.

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