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A better recruiter experience = a better candidate and stakeholder experience

2022 has presented all of us with fierce competition for talent acquisition professionals. We are investing time, energy and money into bringing recruiters into our organisations to support one of the most challenging labour markets in decades.  

Yet many organisations have failed to invest to enable their recruitment teams to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Archaic systems and clunky processes are weighing down recruitment teams and keeping them from adding real value to their stakeholders and candidates.  Aptitude Research's study found that 50 percent of recruiters would join another organisation if it had better TA technology.  

If you, like many, are talking to your business stakeholders about the candidate experience then you should also look inwards and ask your recruitment teams about their experience and then act on that feedback. A happy, engaged recruitment team with the right tools and processes will always drive better results. 

A better recruiter experience = a better candidate and stakeholder experience.

One of the most important factors of the recruiter experience is facilitating efficient workflows so recruiters can focus on building relationships with candidates instead of being bogged down with administrative tasks or doing work that artificial intelligence tools can perform much more quickly.


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