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Mapping the work of tomorrow...

Really fascinating programme from the Josh Bersin team partnered with Eightfold, looking to help organisations tackle the rapid change in their industries, the convergence of business models, the talent and skills shortages and the fact that customers' expectations continue to evolve at pace.

It's more important than ever that a business's approach to Talent combines the best of HR, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition. We can see that in play with the growth of Skills Marketplace platforms like Eightfold and Gloat, with new entrants in the field like and with established platforms like Avature moving into that space too. The ability to assess, analyse and act upon complex skills data and to understand how to evolve and develop a workforce is an increasingly urgent priority for any businesses to remain agile and to grow. 

It'll be hugely interesting to see how the use of big data combined with industry expertise and lived business experience will be used to help organisations navigate their future, and in particular the future of skills and work. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this programme develops.

Every company is trying to find new ways to scale. And the number one challenge is the struggle to hire, retain, and reskill people. Yes, we are in one of the most challenging labor markets in decades. But the problem is not just caused by the labor market. This is a problem of industry reinvention:  companies are not just digitizing and hiring, they’re turning into something different


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