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Harnessing expertise to meet talent demands in Shared Service Centres

In the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, India witnessed the emergence of numerous Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) firms across the country. This period saw a significant influx of talent, primarily for low to semi-skilled, white-collared roles.

Fast forward to today, India has solidified its position as a hub for Shared Services Centres (SSCs), hosting 45% of global SSCs. According to a Nasscom-Zinnov report, India had 1,580 SSCs with 1.66 million employees as of 2022-23, with projections indicating the establishment of another 1,000 by 2030. That is an astounding average of 140 new centres each year. 

Over the last decade, the talent landscape within SSCs has undergone a transformative shift. While these centres initially handled basic and tech-related tasks, the expectations from corporate headquarters have evolved rapidly. CEOs of these SSCs unanimously opined, “Our corporate HQs expect us to lead the way with deeper insights into business, requiring more advisory and consultancy services from our teams.” 

This paradigm shift in expectations is reshaping the workforce significantly. A new baseline is emerging, ushering positive changes. However, this evolution also presents talent challenges, posing difficulties for SSCs to attract and retain the necessary workforce.

A time for change 

To thrive in the rapidly expanding SSC market, companies are revaluating their talent strategies. A notable shift from generic hiring to specialised skills, particularly in technology (e.g., AI, Advanced Engineering, cybersecurity), is evident.

Recognising the growing technology talent gap, a recent survey indicates that 90% of SSCs are actively recruiting for niche skills and retraining existing staff. This approach has proven successful in bridging talent gaps for SSCs. 


Expertise that makes a difference

To meet the surging demand for tech-savvy talent, SSCs must establish a robust long-term strategy. A crucial element in this endeavor is a seasoned Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. Armed with extensive market experience, the right RPO provider can adeptly address talent challenges, understand diverse industries and global markets. 

With access to detailed market mapping tools, RPO organisations significantly contribute to identifying specialist skills, offering a distinct advantage for India's SSCs. This strategic partnership enhances SSCs' success in adapting to the evolving technology landscape.


How AMS can be the right partner for you 

SSCs require a dependable RPO partner for swift and efficient talent acquisition. As a market leader with decades of cross-industry experience, AMS offers comprehensive talent solutions. Drawing on our expertise, we seamlessly design, build, and manage customised Talent Acquisition capabilities, ensuring a sustainable talent pipeline from sourcing to onboarding.


An AMS success story 

The challenge 

The client, a global expert coatings company, had a decentralised hiring process involving multiple vendors to manage recruitment across various business units including its Global Shared Service (GBS) division in Pune and Sales division pan India. 

The Solution

AMS partnered with the client since March 2023 and implemented diverse talent acquisition solutions that best fit the client’s needs. This approach not only enabled the client to attract and secure the best talent in the industry, but also optimise their overall hiring process. 

The partnership has achieved great success: 

  • Successfully closed 65+ mandates within six months. 
  • Closed all mandates with reduced turnaround time, ensuring high client satisfaction. 
  • Filled roles from Maharashtra, mitigating relocation dropouts. 
  • Attained the exclusive status as the RPO partner for the GBS vertical. 


Read the full case study here


To find out more about how AMS has the expertise to solve your talent challenges, get in touch today. 


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