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The path to skills-based hiring

There is a lot of talk in HR and TA at the moment about skills-based hiring, shifting away from focus on years of experience and qualifications.

The opportunities this presents for organisations are significant - greater access to talent and reduced attrition, diversity, reduced time to fill vacancies and reduced hiring costs to name just a few.

It seems like a simple concept with great potential benefits - so what is required to gain success?

  • Cultural change and education - how do you get business managers, HR and TA onboard?
  • Rethinking workforce planning - Skills based planning must all be considered, impacting definition of jobs and programmes of work
  • Revised HR / TA processes - Do your job descriptions, recruitment marketing, assessments, and selection processes enable skills based hiring?
  • Effective systems - does your HRIS and ATS allow for skills based hiring?
  • Communication and change management - critical to success!

It will be fascinating to see how organisation's tackle this opportunity. 

Skills-based hiring is more than a buzzword. It’s a win-win for both organizations and the people that work there.


future of work, diversity equity inclusion, assessments, candidate attraction, leadership, talent acquisition