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Insights from People Matters Tech HR Conference 2023

I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at People Matters HR Tech 2023 in Gurugram, India. This dynamic and future-oriented event gathered a plethora of CHROs and HR frontrunners from prominent brands throughout Asia and beyond. 

The event tackled a number of hot topics across the HR tech world, and I was invited to discuss one of my professional passions – the use of AI in recruitment. 

Rather than replacing humans, AI will soon support recruiters to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently than they could possibly imagine. AI will support the creation of job specs, reviewing of candidate resumes and increase diversity of new hires, all while decreasing time and cost to hire. 

While much of the dialogue is around AI being used to transcend even the most nonconscious bias that is hardwired into all humans, I firmly believe that if not carefully audited and used with care, AI in its current form can do the opposite. Not only that, but as all commands have a digital trail, anything that can be perceived as bias can be tracked, recorded, and used in a court of law.  

Recent developments in civil rights takes us to New York City, where legislation has been passed to ensure that AI is not used to make biased decisions on hiring new talent, to match older laws to protect people from being fired for certain characteristics, race, age, gender and sexual orientation.  

Another hot topic at the event was skills-based hiring, a movement that seems to be picking up pace and garnering the attention of technology businesses and start-ups alike. While in theory, skills-based hiring connects the best and most well-equipped talent into your business, the challenge remains of how technology can support and validate the skills that someone has listed on a resume. I believe the key to this will be technology that is designed to integrate with other tools across the tech stack, for example a LMS which can digitally confirm that a candidate does, in fact, possess the skillset that they have advertised. 

I was left exhilarated by the passion and knowledge of the people I had the pleasure to meet at the event, including the incredible AMS team that we have on the ground in that part of the world. I was left inspired by some of the new technologies that I came across, and impressed with the comprehensive functionalities and sleek user experience from emerging brands. 

My experience at People Matters confirmed what we all know; that technology (especially HR and TA tech) is evolving at an incredible pace. That is why we launched AMS Verified earlier this year, a free TA tech resource that provides deep insight on the talent acquisition technology ecosystem. As a member, you can access expert product analysis, peer reviews and trend content and resources to help you cut through the noise and optimize your organization’s tech stack. 

Technology solves problems, and AMS Verified has been designed to be solutions-led, rather than product-focused. The platform allows you to search software by business challenge, problem statement or technology category to ensure the results are razor-focused and supports you in building a world-class recruitment function. 

All products featured on the tool have been ‘Verified’ by our team of experts, so only the solutions that we believe are best in the market are included. Compare and contrast products in an easy-to-use interface and design a fully optimized tech stack, knowing which tools are used across your industry and which will integrate seamlessly to improve both candidate and hiring manager experience. 

AMS Verified is not just a product marketplace, it’s a source of news and insight, a community hub and a place to connect with peers across the industry to share learnings and leverage AMS’s expert knowledge of TA technology. 

Visit to explore the tool and become a member, or please reach out to me on LinkedIn, or via email at  

​My experience at People Matters confirmed what we all know; that technology (especially HR and TA tech) is evolving at an incredible pace.


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