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The technology skills gap remains a challenge

The need to upskill and reskill our workforce remains an imperative.  Strategies need to be accelerated, and organisations need to prioritise building a more tech savy talent base.  Whilst addressing the skills deficit, a build strategy allows hiring for potential, enabling a far more diverse workforce, creating the skills where they don't exist.  

Organisations that are reviewing the skills that exist in their business, mapping the gaps, and planning for the future, are closing the gap more successfully.  A proactive approach to planning and investing in long term strategies, will reap the desired results of building sustainable teams.

This week we launched the third myth in our series which aims to explode digital myths in talent acquisition, and on this myth, talks through the tech skills gap challenge.

Myth number 3: Today’s workforce is more tech enabled. The Great Resignation has led to global talent shortages, as employees re-evaluate what they want from work and working lives. As talent leaves the market, employers are facing an increasingly competitive battle to find the right people to fill roles, with wage inflation rampant.


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