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Recruiting for the Renewable Energy Sector.How the talent acquisition community can help accelerate the energy transition

Finding a purpose in work can sometimes be quite tricky, but for those who work in the Renewable Energy sector that must be a little is my view on why. 

The Energy industry has a key role to play in sustaining our planet and amongst the sustainability challenges within the industry are:

  • Climate change
  • Ecosystem degradation
  • Social inequity

The Energy industry, and our use of energy, results in nearly three-quarters of all greenhouse gas emissions globally ( primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels and the International Energy Agency (IEA) state that a transformation of the energy system that underpins our economies is needed ( for us to achieve our climate ambitions. The energy transition has to happen to protect our world and it needs to happen very quickly to keep us on the path defined by the Paris Agreement from 2015.

Those who choose to join the Renewable Energy Sector are directly involved in accelerating the energy transition and the whitepaper referenced in this post explains some of the ways in which talent acquisitions teams can help support in accelerating the energy transition. 

The Renewable Energy sector is certainly a very attractive career destination and I'm sure that to be part of the solution must be very inspiring!

Recruiting for the Renewable Energy Sector How the talent acquisition community can help accelerate the energy transition


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