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Who wants to help save the world?

Joining/supporting the renewable energy sector means that you will be helping to save the world...... Is this stretching the truth somewhat, or given the challenges associated with climate change is this a simple fact?

Over the last few weeks and months we have written some articles that cover some of the challenges around talent attraction in the Renewable Energy sector. The link below will take you to the third article in the series. Hopefully you will find some of the topics covered in this series of articles interesting and informative!

If we see the investments required for us to keep '1.5°C alive' coming to fruition (we don't have a very bright future if we don't), experts agree that we will need to triple the renewables workforce by 2030. That's another 26 million needed in the sector in the next 8 years. That's a lot of recruitment(!), so the sector needs to be seen as a very attractive career destination. There are positive signs in this regard (as the article below starts to discuss) because there can be few career destinations that offer as much purpose-driven activity as the Renewable Energy sector. This reality will hopefully turn lots of heads in the future and help us achieve the collective ambitions we have. 

Time is running out for us to make the changes required and I personally believe that the Talent Acquisition community can play a key enabling role in accelerating the Energy Transition.  


Renewables: An attractive career destination


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