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The tech skills deficit is not easing up anytime soon - what are organisations doing to address this?

Companies are increasingly focusing on different strategies to attract, retain and develop tech talent. The need has never been greater, demand is increasing at an exponential level, whilst supply lags far behind. This has further been exacerbated by the Great Resignation, being felt in many companies as tech talent streams out of the door to pursue better opportunities. Remote working has made it even easier, as geography is less of a barrier to poaching talent. 

Despite this, 87% of senior executives say that their organisations are not adequately prepared to address the skills gap, according to a McKinsey survey. Strategies to address this are fast becoming a top priority for most CEOs. We explore further the gaps and challenges that companies are currently facing when it comes to tech talent, stats and strategies to help close the gap on tech skilling, and new reskilling techniques to build and control the supply of tech workers.

Tech skilling | Is the tech skills gap now a tech talent crisis?


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