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Employee or Talent Value Proposition? Attracting the Best Tech Contractors

EVP is a key concept in today’s Talent Acquisition industry – but what about TVP?

The employee value proposition (EVP) is a part of employer branding, in that it is one of the ways companies attract the skills and employees they desire and keep them engaged. It is how they market their company to prospective talent, and how they retain them in a competitive job market. It is meant to communicate the values and culture of the organization, as well as take the focus off remuneration as the sole reason for working there. 

The benefits, when done correctly, are a more committed, happier, and productive workforce at a cheaper cost, which are the main goals of any employee-centred strategy. It may also have the side benefit of improving the company's perception in the eyes of consumers.

The aspiration for aligned culture, diversity and ethics in a potential employer is important to today’s workers but perhaps for many Technical Contingent workers it goes even further. We understand that IT and Digital Contractors are not only motivated by brand, day-rates, contract longevity and hybrid or remote working, but most importantly by opportunity – what we class as the Talent Value Proposition (TVP). 

So how do you connect your employer brand to the right target talent?

Technical skills are evolving at a furious pace and employers often need to look to contingent labour to facilitate new functionality or upgrades. Equally, Technical Contractors need to keep learning to remain viable and indeed employable in both today and tomorrow’s market – they have significant appetite to gain exposure to new technologies and releases.

Unilever recently posted on LinkedIn that “It’s been estimated that skills in the tech sector are now becoming outdated every two and a half years on average.” And in a recent article states “As you know, tech is one of the most fast-moving industries and is constantly outdoing itself. In fact, it moves so fast that most university graduates, starting the job search upon graduation, struggle to boast a resume that has the skills for which hiring managers are looking.”

Many non-IT aligned employers find it challenging to attract top technical talent but are utilising bleeding-edge tech with exciting greenfield projects. This is where correct positioning of a TVP and proper marketing can be a game changer. 

A Financial Services client can attract calibre Software Engineers if they share their vision of the next evolution of their digital landscape; an Engineering company can offer opportunity within their vision of commercialising data; or a Public Sector Authority can create a roadmap to automate process using AI and be competitive in scope to attract niche talent. 

These are all real-life scenarios that our AMS Contingent IT & Digital Hub have faced and successfully filled for our clients.

It is vital that those of us who sit within Talent Acquisition proactively support our clients in identifying these areas of interest and ensure that they are successfully pivoting their employer brand to attract the best in tech talent.

Properly identifying and highlighting the technical scope and therefore opportunity, will enable non-traditionally technically-attractive companies to hire better calibre of IT and Digital contractors.


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