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Behind the curtain: Hiring in tech

It’s clear there is no magic formula for hiring tech roles. There is however, a team whose daily schedule involves ongoing research, understanding tech specialties, scanning the market and staying up to date on the latest changes occurring in tech.  

Our team, the AMS’s specialist Contingent IT & Digital Hub, are constantly evolving and learning as fast as the technology advancements we see in the market, to better understand the needs of our clients and candidates. 

When I think about what a day looks like while embarking on finding tech roles, a few things come to mind: 

  • The importance of building an information engine, knowledge is essential to equip companies with what they need in their tech jobs. 
  • An expansive network. It's key to listen to the changing environment and to pivot when needed. 
  • Supporting hiring managers to make their roles as interesting as possible and to use insights lead sourcing to facilitate the best hiring decisions. 
  • Enabling hiring managers to stop prospective talent from jumping through hoops and simplifying the candidate experience.  
  • Educating hiring managers around the common terminologies and motivations in tech and hiring today 

Keeping an ear to the ground at all times in this dynamic and changing hiring landscape is a job in itself. As industry leaders are forecasting that skills required will continue to change due to rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, daily activities around tech hiring need to be forward-thinking and even unconventional, especially in niche arenas.  

When hiring for technical roles, it is important to understand both current and future state of that client’s digital landscape – not only to identify the correct skills but to ensure candidate appetite and commitment with opportunity to evolve.  

We also need to consider how advancing technology can support the TA process through consistent automated communication, reduction in unconscious bias, sourcing, advertising and attracting the right talent. It can be used to ‘weed out’ the noise, allowing more in depth and meaningful candidate engagement and shorter times to hire. 

Both using technology itself and leveraging technical market understanding is vital in answering our client’s needs.  

"Tech enabled skills-based hiring can significantly widen the talent pool for a particular role, shining a light on candidates who may have otherwise been overlooked after being siloed into a specific job type."


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