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AI - yes, but responsibly

Interesting article in the New York Times on the application of advanced AI in talent acquisition. There are certainly amazing possibilities of how it can speed up processes, produce more equitable outcomes and generally help companies achieve their goals. But companies have an obligation to their employees, shareholders, and society at large that it is deployed responsibly: That it is valid, unbiased, secure, and generally non-detrimental.

In the current environment of exciting AI breakthroughs this message doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention as it deserves. I’m reminded of the euphoria surrounding crypto currencies and the promotional tagline to throw caution to the wind and invest because “fortune favours the brave”. And we saw how that worked out.

A.I. optimists say the technology, by harnessing data and clever algorithms, can make hiring fairer and more diverse. Skeptics say the technology is unproven and may just automate past discrimination in new ways.


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