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HR Tech, a New Art Medium?

Several years back, I had the opportunity to commission a small piece of artwork from a local artist. In my mind’s eye I had a vision for the piece, but lacked the artistic capability to deliver that vision. Commissioning a piece was a first for me. Not knowing where to begin, I needed help. A quick search on Google presented me with several articles. Equipped with the basic understanding of the typical process, it was time to follow it.  

First Step, call the artist. She was incredibly helpful and walked me through everything. We discussed my vision for the piece, the timeline, the budget, her creative process, copyrights, and delivery. After that discussion and seeing a sampling of her work, she was the perfect artist to bring my vision to life. She went to work and delivered the piece I had envisioned. It was perfect.

Today I am considering another piece. Instead of turning to Google, it was time to recall the process from before. While reflecting I started connecting. 

The process of commissioning an art piece has some clear similarities to the work we do at AMS. We bring clients’ HR Tech visions to reality.  We don’t work in clay, paint, pastels, or charcoal. Our mediums are workflows, integrations, process, assessments, career sites, and technologies. Our specialization is talent, and we use our artistic craftsmanship to breathe life into our client’s vision. 

A quick return to Google Google provided two definitions of an artist:

1. a person who practices any of the various creative arts such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker 

2. a person skill at a particular task or occupation

Before today, I would not have ever thought of my profession as one of an artist. My view of that word centered on the first definition. Reflecting on that second definition and the work we do at AMS every day in Technology Advisory the team is full of artists. Artists that are extremely skilled in the medium of HR Tech. 

It is your chance to be a part of the creative process and bring to life something that you will connect with


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