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The future of the workforce in Germany

When focusing on Germany, demographics are central to any discussion around talent and I shared my thoughts regarding this in a recent AMS Catalyst article titled ‘The future of the workforce in Germany’.

Here are some stats to make you pause for thought:

  1. 1.7 million unfilled jobs in Germany
  2. Only 10% of the population is aged between 15-24
  3. By 2035, the risk is Germany could have 7 million fever workers than it does today 

Feel free to read the article HERE.  This isn’t a new topic. I believe that Germany should be confident about its potential to succeed in the future of work - but it needs to face these challenges head on.

When you think about the future of the workforce in Germany, you have to think about demographics. For over 30 years Germany’s population has stayed at 80-84 million, what has changed significantly is the age of the workforce.


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