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Skills shortages are continuing, but there are alternatives

The jobs market has been upended by the drastic events of the pandemic. The rate at which the prospect of a huge spike in unemployment became, instead, a global talent shortage was nothing short of remarkable. It’s never been harder to attract the best talent to a business.

Amidst the significant deficit in talent availability versus demand, companies are increasingly realising they need to rethink how they acquire and develop talent. Unable to hire people with the skills they require, they instead are seeking to hire people with potential to learn the skills through non-traditional channels such as upskilling programmes.

Whilst talk of a hiring slow down continues, all the signs are that despite inflationary pressures, and uncertain economic times, skills shortages are still biting, and organisations need to build the skills if they can't acquire them.  

The more progressive organisations are becoming talent makers, not talent takers, leading the way in creating their own talent pool.

Four in five employers would hire for potential as skills shortage continues to bite, survey shows


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