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HR technology isn't a ‘silver bullet’ to achieve DEI goals.

In the pursuit for better, more sophisticated technology to strategically connect with and screen potential candidates, it’s vital to consider the potential impact on diverse groups. In this HCM Technology Report article, I recommend asking 4 questions when evaluating recruiting technology for DEI impacts:

 1.)   Does the technology benefit specific diverse groups, while having a negative impact on others?

2.)   Can the software provide evidence-based reporting and data, that is easily explainable and understandable?

3.)   How often are results monitored by humans to ensure that it has a positive impact; is it possible to make adjustments before an issue is presented?

4.)   Is the tool EEOC, OFCCP and CCPA compliant, and how is the technology provider monitoring and adapting function based upon legal consideration?

Keeping these checks in mind will ensure your choice of technology is aligned with the overall DEI vision and strategy of your company. Read other considerations from industry colleagues in the full article.

Organizations need to dive deep into tools to ensure compliance and that outcomes align with their overall DEI vision and strategy.


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