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Alternative strategies to tackle the skills deficit

Despite the pace of hiring slowing down, in-demand skills are still in short supply.  Continued planning when it comes to acquiring talent, will ensure that your organisations are equipped to deal with the ongoing requirements to deliver on tech transfomations and digitisation.

Tech Skilling takes individuals with adjacent skills and retrains them into new tech roles, before placing them with clients. Again, the aim is to diversify the sector and solve skill shortages, which has seen demand sky rocket. “Recently I’ve heard a lot about candidates ghosting. They have so much choice that they don’t even bother to tell you they’re not turning up on day one after they’ve accepted the job. They’re getting multiple offers and buy-back from existing employers,” says Hainsworth. The solution isn’t simply offering higher salaries, although they are yet to slow down. Rather, says Hainsworth, it’s also about organisations offering purpose at work, development opportunities and work/life balance - and recruiters knowing how to sell this. Candidate engagement and experience has never been more important.


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