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One billion workers could be digital nomads by 2035

According to Instant Offices, there are currently 35 million digital nomads globally and it is predicted that one billion people could live and work as digital nomads by 2035. 

The research found that 51% of digital nomads are in digital marketing, computer science, and creative industries.

Organisations who want to tap into this massive potential workforce will likely need to find new ways of thinking about hiring and managing these resources - including things like employment engagement models, tax issues, capability of line managers to manage and engage this type of worker, to name just a few.  

The considerations are significant but so too are the potential benefits! 

Advances in technology, remote working and workplace culture mean that by 2035, a billion people could be living and working as digital nomads. According to predictions, this global nomadic workforce, capable of plugging in anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection, will make up 1 in every 3 employees.


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