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There is an internal mobility solution for everyone. Six steps to success.

There is so much concern in organizations now about rising attrition, the Great Resignation and the loss of talent and essential skills, but where do you start? If today, employees generally feel it is easier to seek a new role outside the organization than inside, taking the following steps are a great place to start.

  1. Interrogate your organization's current internal mobility data by skill, market and level and set new ambitious goals to really challenge the status quo, outliers, leaders and laggards.
  2. Understand employees’ perceptions of your current internal hiring practices and redesign the experience to address what employees are really looking for. This might be a fast and effective self-service technology, proactive manager-sponsorship, an internal hiring concierge service delivered by an expert support team…or a combination of all the above.
  3. Assess where specialist tools and technologies can supercharge your strategy (eg Gloat, Eightfold) and ensure these are integrated to your HRIS/ATS to deliver strategic data and insights to evolve your strategy.
  4. Prioritize visibility and access to internal career opportunities and identify the ‘moments that matter’ to different employee groups and invest in those. 
  5. Create clear and easy access to exciting, personalized career frameworks, reskilling and upskilling and development experiences. 
  6. Make ownership clear - set new measures of success for leaders that reward organization-wide mobility goals
Make it easier for employees to find new internal opportunities than external ones to fend off attrition. This requires a critical mindset shift. In some instances, organizations count employees’ internal movement across roles in their attrition metrics. Instead, organizations should track internal retention (i.e., movement from one role in the organization to another) as a success metric.


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