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The talent road ahead: arriving at flexibility and adaptability

We have made it through the first few months of 2024! And as many industries have had to make changes and find new cost cutting measures in their hiring, we’ve seen momentum in employment numbers across various parts of the world. There is a common consensus around one thing - the way companies are hiring is changing. Flexibility is becoming the name of the game. In my recent catch-ups with various talent leaders – versatility, flexibility and adaptability have been commonly discussed. Here are some of the things I’ve heard in my travels through the talent backroads: 

Adapting to market swings, but increasing productivity: In banking and tech, and especially in big cities, the pendulum is swinging back to the employer in terms of hiring strength. With ups and downs in the market there is an increased focus on how to respond to this and still accelerate productivity. Companies are discussing how to collaborate intelligently to increase output. 

Remaining flexible to ever-changing roles: With the great “skills mismatch” still a hot topic, there is still a shortage of tech roles. But, in some areas there is a surplus of talent. There are gaps, as well as layoffs. Understanding what roles, by industry and field, are available or limited is of increasing importance. 

Employee workplace locations are versatile: With talent having settled into remote work situations, there is still a desire for adjustable location requirements and candidates are willing to move for anything that makes a difference. There are situations where super commuting is occurring – employees live in one location and fly in for a few days and return home. As an employer, understanding what hires want - especially location wise - and balancing that with your strategic needs will be the sweet spot.  

Adjusting to a changing qualifications environment: Out with just resumes and in with personality. The new normal will continue to look like a blend of background meets soft skills. Diverse talent, past life experience, transferrable skills, internal mobility will all count in the future of hiring.  

Preference is a big driver for success: Pairing well with soft skills, an employee’s interest in a role also counts now. With the move to skills-based hiring companies have a greater ability to assess candidate interests in tandem with capabilities to fulfil a role.  

Talent pool volume, but quality reigns supreme: Finding the right person in a pool of applicants full of increasing needs, wants, and asks, can feel like a whirlwind. How will this boost my career? What kind of culture do you have? What values can speak to? It can sometimes feel like a hiring manager is caught in an intricate web of demands between the employer and the candidates. But, quality and pinpointing the ideal fit for a role is going to be made more possible with technology. Hiring managers are remaining agile while determined to find quality talent. 

As the year ramps up, we look forward to an interesting next 6 months in talent. We are excited about how companies will digitally evolve to maximize on their opportunity to hire great talent across a range of sectors and skills.


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