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AI is great, but remember you lead people.

As the mother of a tween, I spend most of my life communicating over text in one- or two-word phrases. When texting I have to think critically of each symbol and word to get the most value from potential responses. By paying attention, I get a response every time. Sometimes an emoji or TikTok, but a response. 

However, if we need to figure out how to organize a busy weekend, or work through a situation at school we usually sit on our couch and talk. Asking questions, understanding points of view and coming to mutually beneficial solutions.   

That is what Josh Morton's article discusses. AI will absolutely change our way of working and the jobs of the future. Yet work will still have people. People have valuable information, and we want to continue to practice the skills of questioning and listening to be effective leaders.

As we get better at speaking to robots, we should remember how to most effectively speak to our colleagues and customers, too.


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