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Does your early careers program effectively attract and retain a diverse talent base made up of digital natives?

I've been inspired by the journey some of our forward-thinking clients have embarked on to transform the way they think about early careers programs. They're looking beyond the season's campaign and a new hire's progress through the program to consider how this talent can be retained and continually retrained for the future. Studies from top thought leaders agree that building a diverse, engaged workforce is a critical factor to an organisation's long-term sustainability. 

At AMS I have the privilege of working with some of the world's leading companies on their journey to building a more inclusive workforce that offers people from different backgrounds a greater opportunity than ever before to harness their potential and build meaningful careers. 

Key to this is greater transparency, data and insight and to help individuals, managers and business leaders make more informed decisions about critical skills and how to obtain them. Using technology to help attract, engage, hire, enable and retain future talent with the right skills and ability to learn has been a key investment area for clients striving to secure the future of their business. Finding the right solutions remains challenging with so much choice on the market today, and the continued disruption presented by the risks and potential offered by AI. 

With the right tech investments combined with robust change management and purposeful culture shifts that embrace new ideas, and inclusive thinking, businesses with a focused strategy will be leading employers of choice. 

It is evident that diversity and inclusion are not just ethical ideals but also astute business strategies. By championing diversity, companies can harness the full spectrum of creative ideas, foster a positive work culture, attract top talent and build robust relationships with an increasingly diverse customer base. - Tiffany Chandler writing for Forbes


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