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Inspiring Change: SHRM Inclusion Conference 2023

I had the incredible opportunity to present at the SHRM Inclusion Conference this week, and I can’t express how grateful and inspired I felt by the entire experience.

During my presentation, I shared insights on Inclusive Recruitment and Internal Mobility strategies to ensure talent from underrepresented communities has equitable opportunities. I was humbled by the enthusiastic response from the audience.

Supporting DEI Peers
After my presentation, it became evident that providing support and encouragement to fellow DEI and HR colleagues engaged in this crucial work is vital. Many attendees expressed appreciation for the practical tips offered and discussed the challenges they encounter when addressing complex DEI issues. They often feel isolated when tackling the intricate challenges related to advancing DEI within their company. 

The demand for essential support, including staff, funding, and leadership commitment, was a recurrent theme. Many DEI professionals expressed challenges in acquiring the necessary resources to address the intricate issues tied to systemic, process, and behavioral transformation essential for fostering equity and inclusion within their organizations.

Emphasizing Workplace Civility
A conference highlight of mine was the panel discussion featuring Melonie Parker, CDO at Google, on the importance of civility as the foundation of workplace culture. Through empathy and respect, we can create a culture of belonging, a concept that resonates with my approach to DEI.

Challenging Conventional Strategies
The conference encouraged us to challenge conventional strategies, urging us not to “play it safe” and reminding us to question the status quo and, when necessary, venture into uncharted territory to champion unique perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

It was an honor to present and engage with great professionals at this event. I’m humbled by the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues who share dedication to meaningful change. 
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Through empathy and respect, we can create a culture of belonging.


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