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Setting Gen Z up for success in the energy sector

As the father of a Gen Alpha (2010 onwards) girl, I have a vested interest in giving Gen Z what they want, so Gen Alpha don't have to fight quite so hard! I came across the ‘Energy Transition Skills Project’ report recently that has been written by ‘Student Energy (’ in partnership with Ørsted (the renewable energy leader). I found it incredibly insightful. 

Those of you who know me, know that I love data, and some of the insights I have gleaned from the report I find fascinating. Here are just three insights from this very interesting read;

  • Youth respondents globally rank ‘Purpose of Work’  (19.9%) as most important when looking for a job, comprehensively beating ‘Opportunities for Growth’ (14.8%) and ‘Salary and Compensation’  (13.8%)

This is great news for the Energy Sector companies who are on the right path for transition! However…..

  • The most common barriers facing those who want to enter the Energy Sector are ‘lack of awareness of opportunities’, ‘lack of available entry-level positions’ and ‘lack of access to skills training’  

So this means if Energy Sector companies can improve their employer branding and market outreach (no greenwash please!) they can access talent that desperately wants to work for them, but only as long as they have the development programs and entry level roles available. This will of course depend on the right approach to talent acquisition, workforce planning and development. 

  • 41.5% of all respondents chose ‘working at a renewable energy company’ as their ideal energy transition job  

So let's hope that through collaboration between education, industry and government we can establish the right frameworks for skills development, because it seems like the renewable energy companies are in pole position to attract motivated and engaged talent.

If you are interested in talking to AMS about how to tackle the ‘green skills’ challenge and attract the best talent in your organisation, please reach out to me - at AMS we want to be part of the solution, and make a brighter future for all the ‘Gen Alphers’ out there (and everyone else!)   

ENERGY TRANSITION SKILLS PROJECT The Energy Transition Skills Project led by Student Energy, explores what is most important to young people when looking for employment and what barriers they face to entering the energy transition jobs labour market.


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