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| 1 minute read

Solving the UK's skills crisis

The UK economy has been leading the news agenda of late. Rising inflation, cost of living and slowing growth has shone a light on the wider skills agenda and a shortage of skills across a number of industries.

There is an answer to addressing this crisis, but it requires bold thinking and an acceptance that we must modernise and evolve resourcing strategies, to fit with the requirements of this new landscape. Skills-based hiring is the practice of understanding the adjacent and complimentary experience a candidate may have and mapping them against the specific requirements of a role.

For many candidates, it's an obvious step to take. The idea of a role for life is a misnomer for many, who want to pursue new experience, industry and therefore job type throughout the course of their working life. For organisations, it can unlock talent pools and introduce a whole new set of candidates who bring unique and positive experiences to the workplace.

The recently published APSCO whitepaper “Solving the Skills Crisis” has taken insight from across our industry to provide thought leadership on how changing traditional hiring practises can address skills shortages. It requires bold thinking from hiring managers but also can be a positive opportunity for sourcers and recruiters alike to really demonstrate their own skillsets and contribution to wider business performance.

Change often brings opportunity and for hiring managers, candidates, and organisations alike, a change to a skills first approach could unlock real business success.

The skills crisis facing the UK isn’t dissipating. Despite a slowdown in hiring, businesses are struggling to hire the skills they need, and no sector is seemingly safe.


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