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Circle of Trust

Last week I attended the RL100 Summit 2023, where I got the opportunity to connect with fellow Talent Acquisition professionals from across the UK. I came away feeling excited for the year ahead and the ability to return to creating in-person connections. With the restrictions over the past few years and the move to virtual interactions, I forgot how much I enjoyed the ability to network face-to-face.

A recent article on Forbes is a reminder of the lessons we learnt during the pandemic. There are multiple benefits to building your network, from career and personal development, business growth, shared insights and learnings to understanding different perspectives and exploring collaborations.

I now look forward and appreciate being able to once again build deep connections across the industry.

Forging Connections at Work

It stands to reason, as connections are the foundation of business and there is power in human interaction. However, we haven’t focused as much on forging connections over the past few years.


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