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Attracting the right talent in 2023? Easy. Make sure your company makes the world a better place.

I would like to start 2023 with a recommendation. 'Net Positive: How courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take' by Paul Polman (the former inspirational CEO of Unilever) and Andrew Winston (published by Harvard Business Review Press), is a book that asks the question 'Is the world better off because your company is in it?'.

As more and more employees seek purpose in their lives, more and more jobseekers around the world will be asking themselves a similar question when considering their next move....... 'Which companies make the world a better place?'. 

I'm very keen as I set my goals for 2023 to ensure AMS and our clients are on this list. Those companies that think very carefully as to how they address this question and put in place a vision to act on it will attract the talent they need, and those that don't, will not.

The authors of this book see 5 critical traits that help a 'net positive' leader and I will embrace these throughout 2023 and beyond;

- A sense of purpose, duty and service

- Empathy: a high level of compassion, humility,  and humanity

- More courage

- The ability to inspire and show moral leadership

- Seeking transformative partnerships 

I look forward to 2023 and helping AMS and our clients make the world a better place (this is an example of me showing more courage already!). 

Is the world better off because your company is in it?


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