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Will Spain become the leader for talent in renewable energy?

Fascinating article here from the McKinsey Sustainability team. They point out that Spain is rapidly becoming Europe's decarbonisation hub because they face five key characteristics in their net-zero transition: It is urgent, possible, significant, tech-driven and rich in opportunity.

This got me thinking about the challenges associated with building talent globally in the renewable energy sector and the same characteristics can be applied:

1.Urgency - in order for us to keep to the 1.5 degree pathway we will need to more than triple the global renewables workforce (IRENA) by 2030

2. Possible - we can achieve incredible things when we are faced with an existential threat - just look at how quickly we created vaccines for COVID..

3. Significant 

- climate change is arguably the most significant problem we have ever faced

4. Tech-driven

- the solutions, in part, will of course be tech-driven - we love a technical problem to solve, don't we? And most of the solutions already exist and just need funding

5. Rich in opportunity

- I have previously written about how attractive the renewable energy sector is from the perspectives of being part of the solution (not the problem) and having a purpose to the work that you do. The rewards are clear to see.

My point is that Spain is likely to take a lead in this sector because they are feeling more of the pain with rising temperatures, impacts on tourism, issues with drought and crop yields. Let's hope that other countries don't wait until they are feeling the same amount of pain before they act. 

Talent in the renewable energy sector is hard to find and will become increasingly so as more and more people are needed, and the challenges inherent is this sector cry out for more workforce dexterity. The Renewable energy workforce will need to be fluid, resilient, diverse and differentiated. Now that is where AMS could help.... 




Net-zero Spain: Europe’s decarbonization hub (for talent as well?)


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