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Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through Internal Mobility

Are you capitalizing on the wealth of talent that exists within your organization? Overlooking the skills of current employees in favor of external hires is a common bias that can have a detrimental impact on employees' morale and work against diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Focusing on building a healthy internal mobility program, however, can foster a culture of inclusion and promote the development and progression of underrepresented talent.

In this ERE/TLNT article, I describe 5 key areas important for advancing DEI goals via internal mobility:

  • Using data to accurately understand each employee group’s mobility challenges
  • Creating a trusted, transparent internal mobility process
  • Opening networks by developing programs to support underrepresented talent 
  • Celebrating internal moves as a means of talent development
Above all, for internal mobility to drive DEI, your business must have a culture that celebrates mobility. This is created with visible leadership commitment.


internal mobility, diversity equity inclusion, wellbeing