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Breaking down the social mobility barriers

The attached article from features some great resources that reference the challenge around social mobility in different sectors.  Whilst we have seen change over the last couple of years, barriers still exist for many from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

At AMS, social mobility is key element of our DEI strategy, we are prioritising our UK business initially, before looking to globalise our approach.  We have focused on data collection to help us better understand the profile of our employees and candidates who are being hired through our talent acquisition processes.  Understanding the data is a critical first step for any business, this allows for the right actions to be prioritised and then taken forward.

We are continually reviewing our approach to hiring to ensure that we are eliminating any barriers and opening up opportunities for all, with a particular focus on attracting talent from socio economic hot spots.  We also want to do more to support the communities where we operate and we excited about the impact that we can make by supporting young people with work insights, careers support or via volunteering opportunities.

This is a topic that is very important to me and one that we all need to continue to support.  As ever, always interested to hear what others have to say and enjoy reading through the resources in the attached article!

How can managers and companies help their colleagues and employees to thrive and advance, especially when many people may not want to be open about their backgrounds at work?


diversity equity inclusion, social mobility, candidate attraction, talent acquisition