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Demand for Software Developers second only to HR jobs

According to Linked In, demand for Software Developers is second only to HR (including Recruiter roles) and there are some important trends in global supply and demand that will only make attracting and retaining great talent in this space even more critical.

Consider the following:

There has been a 126% increase in Q1 2022 Software Developer postings compared to pre-pandemic

Growth is not slowing with forecasters anticipating a 21% year on year increase in demand to 2028

More organisations are realising that the majority of the work can be successfully delivered from anywhere in the world (proven through remote work during the pandemic) so whilst the US has the most software developers today (4.4m of global total of 25m), India is forecasted to take the lead by 2023 with growth from 2.75m in 2017 to 5.2m in 2023

In response to these trends, AMS has been helping clients supercharge their talent pipelines with a mix of interventions including:

Specialist sourcing hubs focused on identifying and engaging talent pools by skill not location

Market insights to inform hiring and location strategies

Tools to identify and engage the passive talent market and to build dynamic talent pools. This allows for a more strategic approach to the engagement of underrepresented groups such as women (who make up only 11% of software engineers today)

Provision of always-on content telling the unique tech story of the hiring organisation. Unless you are a leading tech player (Samsung alone employs over 40,000 software engineers!), you need a compelling story to engage and retain talent in this highly competitive market

What is clear is that investment in a strategy for the long game is critical to ensure your organisation has a competitive advantage in securing the best and most diverse software engineer talent to deliver on your digital strategy.

The software development job market is growing faster than most IT jobs. Software developer jobs are expected to increase by 21% by 2028 and application developer jobs by 28%. Read more at:


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