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The ever-evolving workplace

The last 2 years have certainly taught us one thing, change is a constant.  The phrase the "new normal" has been coined many times over the last year or so, but with varying employee experiences due to hybrid working and challenges in company culture and collaboration due to this, what does a "new normal" actually mean?

HR leaders are needing to approach the ever-evolving workplace, and there are some key questions this throws up

Fundamentally changing the workplace to be hybrid first - with 90% of organisations having at least some form of hybrid working, HR leaders need to consider how this impacts on company culture, how this changes the roles of managers and leaders in the organisation and how they can maintain collaboration 

Dealing with a tight labour market - consideration is having to be given to increasing wages, potentially reducing working hours in a week and performance management to deal with the skills shortages and tightened labour market.  

Changes to the employee/employer relationship - employees need to be listened to, with relationships now built on empathy HR leaders need to ensure that they are setting their teams up for success, acknowledging performance and treating everyone fairly. 

One thing is certain - HR Leaders need to prepare for the uneven throughout 2022



One of the hallmarks of the next generation of work is that work will be different for everybody. The idea of the 9-to-5, 40-hour-a-week job is gone. If you have 1,000 people, you have 1,000 different employee experiences


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