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Diversify talent and diversify the energy mix - faster!

Right now we all know the importance of ensuring we have plans in place to transition to a low carbon society, giving us all a sustainable future. Because of this, the renewables sector is now seen as a destination location for many job-seekers and students who see the longer term exciting career opportunities and the opportunity to not only grow personally but to have a career with tremendous purpose for society and the future of our planet.

Sounds a bit 'twee' doesn't it, but the fact is that those contributing to an accelerated energy transition are directly impacting the future state of our world. 

We also all understand that building a diverse workforce brings about more innovation and more value than building teams that lack diversity - the business case is indisputable. So it is NOW that we need to build a diverse workforce in the renewables sector, because never before has the importance of innovation and diversity of ideas been so important to bring about the change we need. In any sector, on any topic.

As we go through the necessary process of tripling the renewables workforce over the coming years to reach our net zero target, let's constantly challenge ourselves to recruit for diversity and not fall into the same old trap that we have done so many times before. It is now or never! 

Accelerating the energy transition – Diversify talent to diversify the energy mix


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