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| 1 minute read

Curiosity continues to be a top skill

The holidays and the 'end of year pause' week that myself and my AMS colleagues took now all seem like the distant past as 2024 is in full swing. 

Whether it's a digital app, a new written planner with a section for goals, articles, Instagram feed, or goal setting tasks being released out of your HR system, we're all reminded of the opportunity to refresh our focus. Being a part of a high-performing global advisory team means the expectations of ourselves, our clients, and our internal colleagues are constantly increasing.

Sometimes that expectation is to know all about every emerging TA technology, sometimes it's what roadmap decisions should be made in light of generative AI, other times it's which talent segment should be the top focus for an upcoming campaign based upon market dynamics. The list goes on depending upon the day and business problem we are looking to solve. 

So as my teams and I refresh our goals, I started to think more about what is the common thread or skill that is needed to evolve, achieve targets, and be successful. To me, curiosity is at the top. I'd challenge you to consider how each day you can seek an alternative way, be vulnerable, seek to understand, and enable a safe space for questions and learning amongst colleagues.

Great organizations and leaders are constantly changing. And cultivating the kind of culture that can adapt to those changes and create both outperformance and employee flourishing requires a deep commitment to curiosity. It’s only through constant questioning that high performance cultures can keep their competitive edge.


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