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Hourly and High-Volume Hiring Hurdles

There are more challenges than ever in hiring hourly and high-volume talent, with 54% of workers quitting in the first few weeks and 45% of candidates “ghosting” recruiters, our ‘The State of Hourly & High Volume Hiring in 2023’ report with Talent Board reveals.

Report data findings include:

  • The top three challenges for sourcing and attracting qualified candidates are wages (53%), skill gaps (33%), and work schedules (32%)
  • Almost half (46%) of participants need 1 to 4 weeks longer to fill hourly and high-volume roles compared to a year ago, with 10% needing more than a month extra
  • The top five technologies for TA teams to improve hiring processes are: Interview scheduling systems — 31%; Applicant tracking systems (ATS) — 26%; Mobile texting — 24%; Candidate relationship management systems (CRM) — 23%; Candidate sourcing systems — 23%


While we cannot control the dynamic nature of the labor market, companies can proactively react to the current environment and gain a competitive talent advantage by integrating proven hiring processes, such as leveraging technologies, services, sources and channels to deliver a great candidate experience. 

However, it’s important to realize the importance of continually improving the hiring process given the two million people in the U.S. who have still not returned to work after The Great Resignation.

The report dives into recruiting and hiring results by participant level, company size, top challenges, goals, time-to-fill, applicant volume, candidate experience, and more.

Read The State of Hourly & High Volume Hiring in 2023 report with Talent Board.




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