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Living to 100 - what will it mean?

Are we ready to live to 100?  As a mother of two Gen Zers, I wonder what the implications of a longer life will be for them.  Recent research tells us that Gen Zs want to retire early (or certainly earlier than their parents), but they are also expect to live longer than their parents, in fact living to 100 or beyond will more likely be attainable.  Put that in the mix with a work-life balance, and there are so many considerations, not least of all affordability.  We also know that non-linear careers are going to become the norm, individuals choosing to study, and reskill later in life, taking sabbaticals, and then returning to the workplace.  Are hiring managers really ready to embrace applicants that haven't followed the traditional 3 stage career (education, work, retirement)?  Some interesting themes emerge from Lynda Gratton's interview.

London Business School professor Lynda Gratton believes living longer requires individuals and corporations to change their approach to careers, life transitions, and retirement.


reskilling, future of work, upskilling