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How we transformed an employer brand

When clients approach us to come up with something transformative, we know it’s going to be a challenge we can help solve. So, when US-based healthcare service providers, LHC Group, asked us to help redefine them as the “destination of choice” for healthcare workers, we jumped at the chance. 

The task for our Employer Brand and Advisory team was to attract and retain quality healthcare workers in a saturated US-market, while preserving the community-owned business feel, and positioning the client in a relatable, authentic way. We knew that to elevate the employer brand and make it connect with the targeted candidates, a well-thought-out mobilization plan was needed – starting with an EVP. 

The EVP would serve as the foundation for all the LHC Groups’ brand and attraction strategies and used across all candidate platforms. But first, using our diverse perspectives and expertise, our team needed to understand the challenges, successes and candidate profiles to inform personas and key messages. Once we’d gathered this information from the client, the EVP pillars were created and tailored to each audience, along with messaging pillars and an activation strategy. 

As part of the solution, we delivered an employer brand story, a relatable and engaging narrative, a new career website, and an employer brand and recruiter toolkit. We also provided LHC Group local care providers with customizable branded attraction materials, brand messaging, and assets to elevate the candidate and employee experience. 

And the result? Through delivering a robust EVP strategy, we’ve seen an increase in social metrics and Google Ad clicks, attracting and retaining the best healthcare professionals and helping establish LHC Group as the employer of choice in the healthcare industry. If you’d like to find out more, read the case study here.  

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