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| 1 minute read

Is there a time limit on how long you stay at one company?

I’ve been reflecting recently on my upcoming 10-year anniversary at AMS – What does this say about me? What does it say about my employer? 

When I first joined the organisation 10 years ago, completely new to the Talent Acquisition sector having been working in Consumer Branding and Marketing, I would never have thought that I would still be here 10 years later. I believe there are a number of factors that have contributed to this:

  • Having a sense of belonging is so important, and if I’m being honest, the times when I haven’t felt valued, or couldn’t be uniquely me, are the times I considered jumping ship. But by and large I have enjoyed not only being part of such an inclusive culture but also helping the organisation build it. More and more organisations are focusing on creating the psychological safety that will enhance performance and wellbeing and in turn, retention.
  • I don’t think someone can stay at a company for 10 years if they are not truly engaged and believe in the value that the company delivers to its clients. The authenticity of this is so important (and coincidently one of our values).
  • I haven’t stopped learning. I learn something new all the time and believe that I am constantly developing my skills and knowledge to provide better outcomes for AMS and our clients.
  • Internal Mobility has enabled me to hold a number of roles within the organisation, benefiting my own career progression, keeping me engaged and rounding my TA experience.

The benefits of my last point, Internal Mobility, is clearly experienced by my employer too and continues to be a priority for organisations, especially as economic uncertainty continues. It’s also long been a talking point and according to Forbes is the missing piece of 2023 Business Strategy:

When organizations set up structures so employees can pursue their interests within the organization, studies show employees grow happier and retention rises. A 2019 Deloitte report described one organization that saw a nearly 30% increase in employee engagement after introducing an internal career program to help employees learn new skills and seek alternative roles. The same is true for retention. In 2020, LinkedIn found employees stay 41% longer at organizations with high internal hiring than those without. This data furthers the notion that internal mobility is key to navigating the tight talent market.


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