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Bringing you bold and relevant DEI content and debate in 2023

Last year, my colleague, Judy Ellis and I co-facilitated a DEI Knowledge Exchange webinar series.  We introduced it as a way of bringing together expert panelists to discuss and debate topical issues in the DEI field.   We covered some excellent topics - including making inclusive leadership a reality as well as how organisations maximise the opportunities for disability inclusion in their workplaces.  We were supported by brilliant global experts on our panel and our audiences were a representation of senior DEI, HR and TA leaders who contributed to the robust debates that took place.

We are very excited to be planning our next DEI Knowledge Exchange series for 2023. We want to build on the success of last year, being relevant and bold in the way that we bring topics together with panelists and engaged audiences, to create compelling and insightful discussions.

Some of the ideas we are considering for the programme include how we ensure that business leaders remain focused on leading DEI in their businesses against the current economic backdrop; and inclusion through the eyes of different generations - what are organisations doing to manage this?

Stay tuned for more details on our programme for the year - we are aiming to launch by end of next month. 

We are excited about our plans for the year ahead, and we hope that many of you will be able to join our sessions.  If you'd like to participate or would like to share ideas for content, the please do get in touch, I would love to hear them.  

Webinar series – The DEI Knowledge Exchange


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