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Meeting the Challenge of the Life Sciences Hiring Landscape

As with many industries the rapidly growing Life Sciences sector faces challenges specific to the hiring landscape.

For the first time we are seeing a greater willingness from existing talent to migrate out of Life Sciences. That does not mix well with the tendency of Life Sciences employers to hire almost exclusively from within the sector, with individuals who have very specific experience.  

This is a clear call to creative strategies including skills-based hiring, upskilling, and reskilling, Additionally, an openness to hybrid and remote working arrangements and a focus on diversity increases the potential pool of candidates.

“Historically, the life sciences sector hasn’t done a good job attracting talent from outside the sector. Instead, it has had a very heavy reliance on hiring job ready candidates rather than investing in campus or internship programs,” says Jim Sykes, Sector Managing Director, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences and Professional Services, AMS.


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