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| 1 minute read

Spotting green business opportunities in a surging net-zero world

As we hurtle our way towards the end of 2022, the commitments that organisations have made regarding 'net-zero' by 2025 or 2030 (AMS included) seem scarily close. Let's hope we can reach them. Not only that, let's hope that we can collectively kick on from there and not only act sustainably, but thrive in a net positive world. Too often we are confronted with the impending doom of failure to respond to the climate emergency and we should spend more time being enticed by how wonderful a net-positive world could be.

The recent work by McKinsey on how eight specific industries might transition to a net-zero world is fascinating, and as a data geek I love their interactive timeline to 2050 which indicates the extent to which each industry will have changes in spending, outputs and most importantly for my business, job creation. Once again, it looks like we need to act fast to ensure we have the available talent in the global labour market for the energy transition as fossil fuels are phased out and replaced with renewable energy sources.

Let's go to the next level and start thinking about 'net-positive'!   

Explore how eight industries may transition to a net-zero world, and how organizations can respond with green businesses that create value along the way.


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