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| 1 minute read

How to move the dial on gender equity in the UK

I recently wrote a piece for Diversity Q on my thoughts on what HR professionals and Business Leaders need to do, to move the dial on gender equity in the UK.

Whilst we have seen significant progress in women's representation in the UK, there is still more to be done.  Some of the key initiatives organisations should be considering include:

  • Surveying female employees - engaging directly with women in the business offers an outlet for their thoughts and opinions and allows them to contribute to shaping the workplace culture.
  • Return to work programmes - women can be daunted by the return to work and I have seen how these programmes can support women by offering skilling and reskilling as well a connecting them back to peers and connecting them with new team members.
  • Reverse mentoring - this is a programme that works well for our leaders in AMS.  The programme equips leaders with inclusive leadership skills and  cultural awareness by having junior employees from under-represented groups guide leaders.
  • Sponsorship - this is a more active approach to mentoring female talent and is starting to take traction across many organsiations.  Essentially a sponsor is a leader who is going to advocate for an individual in that organisation.

Organisations who actively consider and implement these initiatives will continue to make progress on their gender equity representation.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what more you would like to see businesses incorporating in their plans.

While the UK has certainly made significant progress in women’s representation in the workplace, with nearly 40% of UK FTSE 100 board positions now held by women, there is certainly room for improvement.


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